Zolotyi Klyuchyk (The Gold Key) Kindergarten Opens in Mariyinka with the Support of the Pope

When military actions in the East of Ukraine began, many kindergartens were closed down because of shelling, lack of heating, staff and financing. Yet, the kindergartens are very much needed, which is why the event which took place on the 1st of September in Maryinka was so significant for the whole town – opening ceremony for the renovated Zolotyi Klyuchyk (The Gold Key) kindergarten, which can welcome hundreds of children. Renovations were conducted with the support of Pope for Ukraine Initiative and the executive partners of the project – Emmanuil Association of Mercy.

During the opening ceremony the children sang, recited poems and simply enjoyed talking to their peers. And on the eve of celebration, their parents got the building ready – washed the floors, windows, arranged the toys, set the beds and cried happy tears as they had been waiting for the kindergarten for 3 years.

Viktor brought his 4 year-old son, “I grew up in this kindergarten. I have the best memories of this place and they are still teachers here who taught me. It’s so nice that the kindergarten is again open for children and not falling apart! I would like to thank Pope Francis and all those who gave their money for restoration of heating, thank you to all those who worked for this and made this festive day happen.”

With the grant money we managed to connect the insulated pipes from kindergarten to an autonomous mobile boiler. This will help make all the rooms warmer and be independent from centralized heating, which does not work de-facto. The price of works done and the equipment bought makes up 239,920 UAH. 

The next in line is another kindergarten – Strumochok (Small Stream) in which the price of works makes up 948,720 UAH. It is situated in such a way that children from neighbouring villages with no kindergartens at all will be able to attend it and get ready for school there. We have already received 78 applications from parents. They volunteered to participate in renovation works as they want the happy day when the kindergarten opens its doors to come as soon as possible.


Source: http://helpua.org