Voice of Ukraine: Piatykhatky Residents Receive Humanitarian Aid

Caritas Kryvyi Rih workers delivered humanitarian aid to internally displaced persons who settled in Piatykhatky, Donetsk Region. Head of the Foundation – Father Ivan Talailo, himself lived in Donetsk for two years. He is now living in Kryvyi Rih where he serves as Rector of Ukrainian Greek-Catholic St. Nicholas the Miracle-Worker Cathedral. As part of Pope for Ukraine initiative, he came to our town to deliver humanitarian aid.

Father Ivan Talailo was born in Lviv Region and moved to Kryvyi Rih two years ago. This young man is not officially recognized as an internally displaced person but he too suffered from the military conflict in the East. When everything was just starting there and local people were leaving in droves, Father came to live in Donetsk. When being a student of the seminary, this future priest had very specific plans to serve there….

“Karitas Kryvyi Rih Foundation participates in Pope for Ukraine initiative,” priest-volunteer says. “Due to cooperation with our local foundation we were able to take care of internally displaced persons in Kryvyi Rih, Zhovti Vody, Shyroke, Sofiivka and now Piatykhatky.”

Local departments of labour and social policy are instrumental in helping charities take care of displaced persons from the east of our country. To realize this, we take lists of people in need and deliver food packages to them, and for large families we have heaters, blankets, pillows and linen.

Paperwork takes too much of F. Ivan’s time. Even more time is spent on calls from people, sometimes early in the morning or in the middle of the night. Moreover, some of the displaced persons, who received aid once, decide to demand it in the future. Father tries not to pay too much attention to these things as he receives strength from the people who come up to him and thank for the support.

So are there that many internally displaced persons who need help in Piatykhatka? According to Svitlana Avtukhovych, Head of Social Security Department, as of May 11 there are 120 families of internally displaced persons which accounts for 204 people. This number includes 64 employable persons, 66 pensioners, 9 disabled persons and 65 children. Out of 120 families, 25 receive social benefits. Six of them received help upon birth of a child, one received nursing aid, eight received help as single mothers, eight got help as low-income families and two families have family members with congenital disabilities. Moreover, 68 families receive monthly focus aid to cover their utilities bills.

These numbers reflect human fates and the department of social security understands this very well. They try to be kind to everyone who lost their homes and everything they possessed because of military actions. Lidiia Vasylivna Bondarenko, who came from Horlivka to Lozuvatka, Piatykhatka area two years ago to the very day, cannot contain her tears when speaking of all the kind-hearted people who work here.

“It happened so that in winter I would come here, cold and exhausted, and the girls would give me tea and cheer me up. Which is why I’m on my way to see them. I treat them like family already,” admits the woman. “May they be healthy and may we all have only peaceful sky above us, without a war…”

Lidiia Vasylivna, like everyone who came to the public office of labour department, received a food package, which contains flour, oatmeal flakes, sugar, canned peas, beans, corn, rice, spaghetti, pasta, tinned meat, condensed milk, oil, buckwheat, sardines, sprat, spices, tomato paste, yeast, soda, tea, coffee, cookies and chocolate.  

Because of this initiative, some of the displaced persons in Piatykhatka not only received humanitarian aid but they also had a chance to talk to compatriots. Memories of life and discussion of news from the East united the people who may seem so different at first sight.  Public office of labour department, which opened its doors for the do-gooders, is now filled with people of all ages, including small children studying everything around them.   Father Ivan and his assistants have been working hard for several hours. His calm manners, patience and a warm smile aimed at these poor people could not but impress everyone present. There is little doubt, that another good deed has come out of this initiative. 

Sourse: Voice of Ukraine