Thank you for not abandoning us in need! Harvest festival

Partnership of the “Emmanuil” mercy Association and “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative is realised through various projects in residential areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. A couple of projects have already been accomplished and we can draw up the balance sheet!

        The “Seed” project (“food for every day”) started this spring. Families with garden plots from 40 residential areas in Donetsk and Luhansk regions were provided with 6300 sets of seeds and 99420 kg of potatoes. “Thank you so much for not letting us down in this troublesome time, for not letting us in need!” – happily reacted citizens of the eastern villages. 

       Autumn came and our harvest is: 437600 kg of different vegetables and 388730 kg of potatoes, totally in the amount of 6,5 billion hryvnia. This won’t be a hungry winter!

       This summer due to the grant from the Pope for Ukraine Initiative, there were camps organised for children and teenagers in 17 residential areas of Donbas: Avdiivka, Bakhmut, Vrubivka, Donske, Zhelanne, Zalizne, Zolote, Kamianka, Komyshuvakha, Lysychansk, Novhorodske, Novoaidar, Popasna, Svitlodarsk, Severne, Severodonetsk, Sloviansk. More than 1200 children spent holidays there! “It inspires me that after 10 days in camp we can see the light in the children’s eyes and they leave it looking happy and positive!” – shared Marharyta, administrator of the tented camp “Pilgrim”.

Children study and make art projects. My elder daughter is 12 years old and she brought me a cup with flowers and lettering – i love you. Thank you for remembering us and for not abandoning us in this troublesome time!” – such feedback we could hear during the camp period.

Long awaited warmth came to the houses in Marinka and Krasnohorivka! In those residential areas we got 463 installed soil-fuel boilers. 300 of those boilers were set in Marinka and 163 in Krasnohorivka. 1109 persons including 206 children will not freeze up in winter!

We had a good life before the war, everything would be fine but for the war. Thank you for help! It’s cold at my place, there were moments when i needed to leave my home, difference situations happened… I am grateful to the Pope for this warmth! Thank you all for helping us!” – said Antonina Konorovna from Marinka.

Viktoriia, Marinka: “I am alone. My son lives in Ugledar. I buried my daughter, another my son and my husband. I found out that boilers were being installed and now we would have warmth in our houses and so I came back home. I would like to thank the Pope and everyone who helps us“.

Volodymyr, Marinka: “ Thanks to the boiler all house will be warm! It will serve next winter and even in 10 years… I am very grateful to the Pope and send my best regards! Thank you for help! I wouldn’t be able to afford such boiler.

September the 1st two nursery schools started to work in Marinka, they didn’t work because of the lack of heating.  Renewal works (installation of the portable boiler stations) in nursery schools helped to heat rooms and become independent from the central heating system. As a result, 179 children going to the nursery will grow and develop properly!

Viktor as a father brought his 4 year old son to the “Golden key” nursery: “I grew up in this nursery, received my best memories here, there are still my own nannies working. Its so good to see this nursery serving kids ands not dying empty! I thank the Pope and everyone who helped to renew heating, everyone who worked with their own hands and made it all possible for us!” 

There is a well drilled in the village Bakhmutka. Earlier citizens of this village were provided water by volunteers and now 89 citizens have access to water!

All village gets water, everyone is happy, this water is wonderful! We washed everything we accumulated for 3 years and finally we can take shower! even simply wash the dishes!” – tells us Viktoriia, another citizen of the village.

        In Kyiv we continue to provide medical help to  relocated persons and people living in the “grey zone”! 

This project is very important and very strong because it is about human’s life and health. Right now a little bit unsuccessful medical reform only worsens accessibility of medical help for people.  First days of the project’s life we witnessed how crucial it was!   According to the doctor Lyudmyla, who examines people in this project: “We are shocked to see how the war affects people’s health. Almost every person who turned for help, has some serious deviation! Every day we diagnose for the first time detected tumours, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, psychoemotional derangements! People didn’t visit doctors for 3-4 years. Every day we hospitalise people by ambulance because people come in the state that threatens their life!

      By October, the 15th, we had 519 patients registered including 223 children. Within this project people receive medical help, recommendations concerning medical treatment, full needed set of medication for the treatment course. Within the framework of the Initiative 15 people were hospitalised and operated on, nothing threatens their life now! They are getting back to their normal life, work and family…

      “I was treated as a human. That is so important and still so rare nowadays. Organisers of the Initiative thought about every detail. We receive only the best! Doctors from the Medical clinic took all my fears and worries into account. I was very scared but they explained everything to me. I would like to thank all organisers of this project, “Emanuil” Association and “Pope for Ukraine” Initiative! And thank you all who prayed for me! God responded to those prayers” – shared Maryna after surgery. “I would like to express my gratitude to the Medical Mobile Clinic and “The Pope for Ukraine” Initiative – this is a crucial area with almost no programmes for vulnerable sections of population. This programme managed to help all people among  relocated persons who were guided by me. They have no access to internet but they shared only positive feedback concerning quality of the services provided. The dental direction should be given special acknowledgement! Is there anyone who doesn’t know the feeling of a tooth pain? I wish this organisation only strength and possibility to realise such programmes!” – shared Oleksandra Mahurova her feedback about the project, a volunteer and an activist. Deep gratitude should be expressed to the Pope and all generous people who sacrificed their finances to make these projects come true!

There are 2361 direct beneficiaries who received help in the project.

There are 7997 indirect beneficiaries (family members).

Target customer group of the direct beneficiaries

Families with members over 60 – 345

Families with disabled members – 195

Families having many children – 360

Incomplete families – 510

Low-income families – 951

Total: 2361