Winter preparations (Winterization)

Most of the citizens of villages and cities along the front-line do not have possibility to prepare firewood because of the mine-studded forest plantations and deadly danger. Most of the mines, where people used to work and receive coal for a discounted price to warm their homes, were left on the occupied territory and access […]

Health care

Insufficient access to the medical services puts in danger survival of millions of people. For those who have chronic diseases, inaccessibility and high prices of the medical services and medicines can lead to decline of health and exacerbation of the present diseases. Complication of the situation with the health care can occur through ruining houses […]

Food and hygiene

Closing enterprises, high level of inflation, economic blockade, harmed key infrastructure, growth of unemployment to the highest level from 2008, prices and the level of poverty that is growing faster than the average figure over the country, make main negative factors. “Front line” became de-facto a border, a social-economic gap between the two sides is […]

Psycho-social support for children and adults

From January to August 2017 around 55 educational establishments had been damaged, ruined or temporarily closed from both sides of the front line. Apart from this, about 700 educational establishments were damaged in the very beginning of military actions. Lasting danger together with weak psycho-social support can lead to long-term psycho-social problems among children. More […]