Over 2 billion UAH within the “pope for Ukraine” Action were assigned for a thorough overhaul of the burns unit in Kramatorsk

An official opening of the burns unit of the Municipal medical establishment N3 was hold on February, the 20th in Kramatorsk city of the Donetsk region. 2 389 560, 00 UAH were allocated specially for this purpose. This project was implemented by an executive partner of the “Pope for Ukraine” Action – “Emmanuil” mercy Association.

There has been no thorough overhaul in this unit for more than 50 years. Taking into account that this particular unit has become the only regional burns unit since the anti-terror operation has started, and among its patients there are very often people injured by war shooting – the reconstruction of the unit has become more than a pressing challenge”, – underlined the head of the “Emmanuil” mercy Association social department, Halyna Kucher, during the press-conference, devoted to the opening.

Six hospital rooms, sanitation room for the sick, surgery room, pre-surgery, procedure room, surgical dressing room, hallway on the 2nd floor, two toilet facilities, sanitary room with a special bathroom, doctor’s consulting room, stairways and hall were completely reconstructed within the framework of the financed project, water boilers and air conditioners were installed. Moreover, a lifting machine (a special elevator) for the transportation of bed patients to the wards, surgery and emergency rooms, were mounted.

According to the head of the burns unit Oleh Andryeyev, the absence of the elevator was one of the most critical problems – lying patients with harsh burns were carried to the second floor by nurses and doctors. “We have also received instruments for treating patients with severe burns as well as completely new medical equipment such as vacuum therapy device – the most up-to-day method of the burn wounds treatment”, – noted Oleh Andryeyev.

Burns unit in Kramatorsk helps citizens of the whole northern part of the Donetsk region by accepting the largest part of the general number of patients – 800 persons per year.

The deputy mayor Yuriy Lyulka as well as the chief doctor of the Kramatorsk Municipal establishment N3 Olena Katalnykova and representatives of the regional healthcare department took part in the press conference and opening of the unit where they thanked the “Pope for Ukraine” Action and the “Emmanuil” mercy Association for all the help in the reconstruction and re-modernization of the medical equipment.

Photo by: Anti-crises media center