Opening of the new school gym in the front-line Novoluhansk

There has been opened a new gym in the secondary school level I through III, on the 22nd of November at 11:00 a.m. in the front-line Novoluhansk of the Bakhmut district of the Donetsk region. The opening was visited by His Excellency Auxiliary Bishop of the Lviv Archidiocese of the Roman Catholic Church, the Head of the Technical Secretariat of the “Pope for Ukraine” Action, bishop Eduard Kava: “Today at the opening of the school gymnasium  we could see faces and smiles of the children. there is no doubt that these children deserve a hope, deserve to be shown by love that life is different. Yes, life is difficult right now but tomorrow – we hope and trust God that it will change”.

       Novoluhansk secondary school is located on the front line, face-to-face with the shooting.   From the beginning of the school year there are 200 children studying here, they managed to gain access to the quilified leisure time.

      The school has organized sport leagues but the condition of the school gymnasium didnt allow to conduct classes for the sports leagues and sports lessons and the “Pope for Ukraine” Action together with the “Emmanuil” mercy association at the request of the school administration repaired the gymnasium which hadnt seen renovation for 45 years already (from the moment of erection in 1972). The gymnasium had its floor, walls, ceiling, doors, light and heating in unsatisfactory conditions, the hallway between the gym and changing rooms as well as auxiliary  rooms for keepin sports inventory were also in need of repairing. The changing rooms needed to have floor, walls, doors, light, sewer system, water piping renovated and didnt have any shower units, toilets and hot water (they needed boilers for water heating for each of the two shower units).

    Children of the front-line village Novoluhansk are deeply interested in sports but apart from the school gymnasium there are no sports institutions in the village, that is why the sports gymnasium and the Novoluhansk secondary school will turn into the only center for childrens leisure time in the village.

       Let us reccolect: the “Pope for Ukraine Action” charitable mission of the Holy Father Francis has been working for two years already. Around 16 million euros have been collected from european catholic parishes to help people harmed by the armed conflict. Direct beneficiaries are inhabitants of the front line and internally relocated persons, living close to the injured territories, with a separate center in Kyiv and Kyib region. During the previous period, the Inintiative of the Holy Father for Ukraine was carried out by 21 partner-providers of the large-scale programmes of the humanitarian aid and 44 partners-providers of small initiatives. Most programmes of the Action were focused on the estern Ukraine. The “Pope for Ukraine” Action pays special attention to covering key regions/sectors with maximum number of needs.

      Within the period from September 2016 till September 2017 there have been carried out more than six and a half million euros worth aid.

     The aid from the “Pope for Ukraine” Action on the end of August covered 160564 direct beneficiaries while the number of indirect aid receivers went up to half a million. The main sectors for the aid are: food, heat insulation, WASH and health care. Today there is a new wawe of the Action focused on the “winter” needs.