“No one was left alone with their misfortune”, Eleos-Ukraine project supported by the Pope has come to an end

Charitable foundation ELEOS-UKRAINE has completed its project – “Support the Most Valuable Things for a Person”. The project, aimed at helping internally displaced persons with their medical needs, was implemented from February to May 2017 in Bilovodsk District of Luhansk Region with the support of Pope for Ukraine Initiative.

“The main aim of the project “Support the Most Valuable Things for a Person” is to support  a person on the verge of life and death, help them have systemic treatment”, Project Manager, member of ELEOS-LUHANSK, Liudmyla Duvanova explains.  We don’t want to leave anyone alone with their misfortune.  We want the medications to give people a chance to recover or help give birth to a baby. We also offered help to those who particularly needed it.”

Overall, 235 persons received aid as part of the project, including 41 newborns, 28 children under 18, 127 women (including 41 who just gave birth) and 39 men. These include internally displaced persons, residents of ATO area who are socially disadvantaged, retired persons, people with special needs. Project budget makes up 620,437.30 UAH.

The project helped start treatment or ensure continuous supply of medications to people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, oncological diseases, AIDS, tuberculosis etc. Those were internally displaced persons and residents of ATO area – retired persons, people with disabilities who have found themselves in a difficult situation. Each of them received a package with necessary prescription medications. Women who just gave birth received “Birth packages” which helped them give birth in comfortable and clean conditions. Moreover, the project helped establish communication between medical institutions on Ukrainian territories and territories outside the control of Ukrainian authorities.

“Implementation of this project paved a way to recovery of people”, Liudmyla Duvanova says. “We managed to decrease social strain among people suffering from chronic diseases who cannot follow doctors’ prescriptions for lack of money and simultaneously decrease strain among doctors who cannot offer necessary treatment to seriously ill patients for lack of medications. Since there are no NGOs in Luhansk Region that would provide humanitarian aid to people in need, “Support the Most Valuable Things for a Person” is a significant contribution and help for people who have suffered from the armed conflict in the East of Ukraine.”

We are expressing our sincerest gratitude to Pope for Ukraine initiative, since “Support the Most Valuable Things for a Person” became a reality due to financial support of the initiative and managed to become very beneficial for unfortunate people living in ATO area.