Italian doctors and the Pope for Ukraine Committee reviewed health care situation in the front-line zone

On October 24-30, Apostolic Nuncio in Ukraine Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti made another visit to eastern Ukraine. This time he came with a group of doctors from Italy to familiarize them with the situation in the health care sector in the Ukrainian front-line zone and its adjoining areas.

On their trip, the Nuncio and doctors were accompanied by Bishop Jan Sobilo, Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Pope for Ukraine Initiative and his first deputy Ruslan Lavlynskyy.

“During the trip, the delegation visited Zaporizhzhia, Mariupol, and crossed the combat zone, Maryinka, Kurakhovo, Berdyanske vilage. First of all, Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti sought to meet people. In every face-to-face conversation with representatives of various humanitarian organizations operating in eastern Ukraine, Archbishop asked about methods of working with people and providing assistance to people, how organizations find the neediest and identify their needs. Apostolic Nuncio revealed additional opportunities for targeted implementation of the assistance under the Pope for Ukraine Initiative through cooperation with humanitarian organizations and implementing their experience,” Bishop Jan Sobilo shared his impressions of visiting the front-line zone.


The doctors, who arrived from Italy specifically to study the situation in hospitals in Eastern Ukraine and Kyiv, saw a whole range of most urgent needs. Upon completion of their visit to Ukraine, they are set to plan how to organize aid for the needy to the best of their abilities. The Technical Committee heeded to their comments and advice on the implementation of humanitarian aid projects in the war-affected regions.

In Zaporizhzhia, Apostolic Nuncio met once again with members of the Pope for Ukraine Committee and blessed them for further work. He asked the Committee to make every effort to help the poorest until the winter comes.

As reported, the first stage of submitting applications for funding of the projects relating to the assistance, support and recovery of people affected by the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine lasted from September 8 to October 21, 2016, and now the Technical Committee is considering the applications submitted by non-profit organizations, religious communities and humanitarian missions.


“Every visit of Archbishop Claudio Gugerotti inspires and urges us to work for the sake of helping people in a dire situation. The representatives of various churches and religious communities also pin great hopes on the mission of the Apostolic Nunciature aimed at reconciliation and bringing closer the time when Christians become closer to each other than ever before,” Bishop Jan Sobilo concluded.