Humanitarian Organization “Your Victory”: 26000 parents and children from the front line received sanitary and food products

Turning points of the history…Have you ever thought about it? How many did you have in your life? And how would everything turn out if you had changed your choice? There are things we cannot choose. Our parents. Our country. Our brothers and sisters. As adults, partially we create future for our children, by choosing place of residence, school or nursery, place where children can develop their talents or find themselves.

Zaitseve, Mayorsk, Shcherbynivka, Luhanske, Myronivskyi, Zalizne, Pivnichne, Novhorodske, Travneve, Hladosove, Zhelanne, Pisky, Svitlodarsk, Bakhmut, Siversk, Novoluhanske, Semyhiriya… Children from those residential areas did not choose to live on the front line. A part of these children go to sleep under the shell explosion sounds, wake up from fear and spend a part of their childhood in basements and bombshelters.

Because of the military actions many parents lost their work – most citizens of the front-line villages used to work in the Donetsk and Horlivka territories under occupation. Families are split in different cities and very often – by the front line itself. A part of the nurseries and schools were closed. People lose relatives and housing accommodations.

Some parents don’t want to talk about “having lost everything”, and the only thing they are left with is their baby and fear of the future: how to survive, how to get the child dressed, how to give all care that is needed, because for this very baby – you make the guarantee of life and security in this so unsecure world.

Many children, according to their parents, have already got used to the war and at the same time they notice that children have started to receive worse marks at school, often get nervous, are scared, wake up at nights… War does not make lives of people get better.

Dariya from Svotlodarsk gave birth to her first daughter when Svitlodarsk was attacked by gunfire – she was in another town in the delivery department. She was very scared to go back to the front-line town with a new-born, but there was no other place to go…

Aliona from Myronivske gave birth to a child 3 months ago, however she had a serious surgery last month, on which she spent all the saved money. For the aid came her mother, who thanked with all her heart for diapers, products and sanitary products for the family.

Tetiana from Maiorsk (Zaitsevo) miraculously escaped “Hrad”, when she left the room – a shell got into it. For four years this village has been living like this, people live in constant fear and new “arrivals” expectations.

Pisky-2 (Zaitsevo) village – consists of two streets. There is no supermarket, no hospital, no nursery and no school. To buy food products one needs to go to Bakhmut. Even ambulance does not come: only military doctors. At night  from the explositions the light is as bright as in the daytime. Many houses are demolished by “Hrad”, others crack or get fractures. There are 6 children in the village, 2 of which were born during the war already – they don’t know any other life.

“When you see grateful faces of fathers and children, when you hear words of gratitude and sincere surprise from the aid, you understand how valuable these 80 km, that you have overcome to get there, are”, – says Olesia Chernyshova, project manager. – “ You hear “Thank you for having found us!”, and you understand that maybe your visit today became a turning point for these families, an escape from the deadlock and fear to hope and belief in future”.

2600 parents and children in complicated living conditions, in the front line villages of Bakhmut and Iasynuvat regions, received humanitarian aid in the form of sanitary and food projects in February and March 2018. “Humanitarian aid to the front-line towns and villages of the Donetsk region in the form of sanitary and food products” project was realized by “Youth “Your victory” aid center “ HO, financed by the “Pope for Ukraine” Action.

Source: Your victory