Health care

Insufficient access to the medical services puts in danger survival of millions of people. For those who have chronic diseases, inaccessibility and high prices of the medical services and medicines can lead to decline of health and exacerbation of the present diseases.

Complication of the situation with the health care can occur through ruining houses and infrastructure objects, deficiency of the drinking water and food products of the appropriate quality, absence of the conditions for the personal hygiene.

A big number of first-aid medical establishments were closed and those that are still working have no connection with their specialized clinics due to the broken logistics. A number of specialized medical establishments were also closed because of the lack of the personnel and resources – their specialists leave dangerous regions.

In the front-line village Pavlopil from the beginning of military actions there has been no medical worker and no functioning medical establishment. A village paramedic had spent over two years as hostage in the so-called “DNR” and he was freed only in the end of the last year. Citizens of the village go to the next village for medical help. Because of the danger they don’t see ambulance often. Medical aid is more than essential here, that is why within the framework of the Initiative we sent a medical team of professional doctors to the village, who conducted medical examination of the citizens and provided them with all medication needed.

Projects supported:

  • Medical teams and free examination – off-road medical services
  • Providing medical supplies
  • Providing rehabilitation supplies and products of medical purpose
  • Free examination by specialists in the immovable clinic
  • Financing medical treatment in the most complicated cases
  • Repairing hospitals and purchasing special equipment

On the 6th February of this year three children from Krasnohorivka received mine-explosive injures. Children found on the street an unknown metal object and brought it home to play, however it exploded in their hands. Two smaller children received worst injuries – 3-year old Sofiyka and 10-year old Sashko. The girl had a many-hours-long surgery because of the inner injuries and the boy lost three fingers. Families of the children received immediate financial support for the treatment.

Yana (42 years old) moved with her family from Donetsk. She had an illness of thigh (the joint was being destroyed). When the war started, she was forced to constant running with her son (Nazar, 3 grade) to the cellar – to hide from shooting. In winter 2015 during a harsh shooting (when the fight for the airport only started), a woman fell in the hole. After that shooting a missile hit their neighbors house and her family decided to move. They moved to Kyiv, rented apartment and two selling places on the market – she was making money as tailoress and her husband as a master. Her leg at that moment was already hurting so much that she couldn’t walk. Having heard about the Action, Yana turned for help. Examination showed serious complication in her joint, there was surgery conducted and now this woman is walking again. If only she had waited for another year or two, it would be too late to renew her joint now.

A young woman Olga together with her family ran away from military actions in her native Luhansk. During their moving, she often had long and serious bronchitis, but she had “no time and no money” for that – she was helping her sister to raise five nephews, three of which were adopted. The woman found out about the free medical help in one of the clinics and used her chance. 

As a result, the woman was diagnosed with pathology of the breathing system, accompanied by inconvertible deformation of bronchi, suppurative inflammation and need of the surgery to remove a lower part of her left lung. “I would never cope with that on my own! I only thank God and everyone involved in this project, I am completely healthy now! I had the right diagnosis established, all medicines provided, and they helped me with the surgery. I met on my way kind doctors and each of them did his job well and right on time!”, – Olga thanks everyone for her “new health”.


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