Food and hygiene

Closing enterprises, high level of inflation, economic blockade, harmed key infrastructure, growth of unemployment to the highest level from 2008, prices and the level of poverty that is growing faster than the average figure over the country, make main negative factors.

“Front line” became de-facto a border, a social-economic gap between the two sides is constantly growing, creating an area of economic disenfranchisement out of the un-controlled by Ukrainian government territory.

The most sensitive groups and one-person households with children and old people.

Worsening of the humanitarian situation slows the renovation process down.



Projects supported:

  • Providing non-perishable food products
  • Providing sanitary sets
  • Providing cash and vouchers for basic goods
  • Providing child’s food
  • Providing basic goods for infants and pregnant women
  • “Hot” meals for the poor
  • Providing vegetable seeds

“We have four children to raise. We want them to be happy and successful in life”, – shares with us Olena from Luhansk Stanytsia. This village is located on the front line that  has been under shooting for four years. A missile hit their garden and they had to move to another place, another unfinished house. Children were scared so deeply that they hid under the table. When the shooting started they would run to the basement. Once they spent a whole week in the basement – shooting never stopped.  An older girl was diagnosed with worsening sight, produced by constant stress. Many people in the village lost their jobs when the military actions started, the father of the family was among them. Looking after a small baby in this situation is a big financial weight, that is why this family has been receiving sets of child’s meals, sanitary sets for children and medicines within the framework of the Action.


Julia’s husband – the father of the 6-years old Olenka, 4-years old Sofiyka and 3-years old Nazarchyk – died three years ago as a result of the injures received during the shooting. Julia was pregnant at that moment with her third child. She was forced to run to the next village Valuiske with her children to her parents. Living conditions of the family and its material situation are not easy: their house is in the critical condition after all the shootings, they live by their household and seasonal jobs and social benefits. Family with no one helping them is not able to cope with life complications, that is why they received aid in the form of the sets of the child’s meals and sets of sanitary products for children as well as repairing works in their house.

In 2017 part of the population with the low and under-low levels of food consumption grew and the volume of the food basket decreased. Among 1,2 billion of those who live in constant need, 800 000 of people live in the uncontrolled territory. Because of the growing prices for food products, many people were forced to borrow food or take loans to buy it or decrease the variety of their meals. For the poorest people we conduct “hot” meals on the regular basis within the framework of the Action. For aged people this is another chance to communicate, since most of them live alone and in constant danger. Those who cannot move by themselves have their dinners delivered to their homes. For instance, Valentyna Fedorivna, who lives by herself, (her son has recently died) in one of the most dangerous regions of the front line. Roof and windows of her house were hit by the exploding of the missile. Recently an old woman fell and broke her arm, so she couldn’t even buy food for herself or cook. “Thank you for food, now I have everything needed, even sausages and cookies!”, – thanked she.

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