Caritas Spes in Kyiv starts distributing shoes as part of the Initiative “Pope for Ukraine”

On April 4, the social center of Caritas Spes Ukraine in Kyiv have started to distribute shoes to internally displaced persons as part of the Initiative “Pope for Ukraine.”

“We have collected IDPs who stay in the Kyiv region and invited them to come to our center with their children and choose new shoes. Now we have received about 10 thousand euros and bought 1,800 pairs of new shoes. Every day and now on, the nuns together with volunteers received people, check their documents to verify they are really IDPs and give them the shoes,” Father Peter Zharkovskyy, the president of Caritas Spes Ukraine has commented on the first steps of work under the pope’s initiative to Ukrainians.

As the Kyiv branch of Caritas Spes emphasizes, the needy people can apply for assistance further on, because the initiative is ongoing. And even if the initiative is stopped, they plan to go on helping people, so they will prepare new projects according to the needs of internally displaced persons.

We kindly invite you to watch the story by EWTN Ukraine, in order to see how it works: