Rescue of life

During the last three years Ukraine is in crisis, which is caused by the protracted conflict and active hostilities along the сontact line. Around three million people in Eastern Ukraine have become hostages of circumstances, that led to decline in standard living of local population. It has been estimated that in  East of Ukraine of two million people need medical care but can’t get because not able to pay for medical services. A large percentage of affected population is below the poverty line, those people who do not have access to basic necessities.

The lack of medicines, drinking water, limited access to electricity, deterioration of infrastructure and transport – all this is root cause of lack access to proper medical treatment. In those hospitals that remain, medical and diagnostic equipment is outdated or not working. Also, it should be noted that people living close to contact line, usually do not have access to medicines because pharmacies work only in district centers and often have no medicines available. That is why a mobile clinic is the only source of health services for vulnerable population living on the contact line. Visiting the most demaged areas, making at least four departures per week in the target areas, MEPUs provide essential medical services, and if necessary, redirect patients to hospital of second level or in specialized clinics.


Donetsk regional charitable organization the Greek medical Fund “Hippocrates” has fifteen years of experience in projects of MEPUs in Donetsk region and has worked with such donors as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Central Emergency Response Fund and the Department for International Development, UK. Last year in the framework of “Pope for Ukraine” the Greek medical Fund “Hippocrates” implemented a project aimed at providing affordable, high-quality services for IDPs (internally displaced persons) who were forced to leave their homes in search of safe housing.

During the project from 1 February 2017 to 30 June 2017, more than 22 798 people received medical care that was provided in Nikol’skoy, Volnovakha, Maryinka districts and in Mariupol, a total of about 60 settlements. There were identified such diseases as: Cancer (24 cases), Diabetes (75 cases), Myocardial infarction (2 cases), Pneumonia (14 cases), Hypothyroidism (50 cases), etc.

Collaboration between “Pope for Ukraine” and Greek Medical Fund “Hippocrates” brought fruitful work. “With the permission of people that will go on it, we’d like to share with You unique cases which we confidently declare that we will continue to work in spite of all difficulties experienced by MEPUs during visits to villages”- says social worker and Deputy chief physician of Greek Medical Center – Rudalovskaya Tamara.

Upon departure MEPUs in Sartana, a gynecologist was viewed by the patient Katsy Antonina Nikolaevna, who was born in 1968. Katsy Antonina was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of uterus. Antonina Nikolaevna has not had possibility going to a specialized clinic for physical examination, and through the work of MEPUs, the disease was detected at an early stage, so in the future Antonina Nikolaevna was redirected to hospital for surgery. “Fortunately, this story ended well, after a successful operation Antonina Nikolaevna returned home to her family, and in such moments don’t even want to think about the fact that such a terrible diagnosis could lead to complications and even death” – says the gynecologist Svecinskaya Tatiana.

The resident of village Andriivka, Shcherbak Ludmila, who was born in 1979, was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in heavy course of disease, but thanks to doctors, she was hospitalized to endocrinology department in Mariupol and rescue Ludmila, became possible thanks to free doctor’s consultation.

Even in such a short period of time – 6 months, during the project, “Pope for Ukraine,” was diagnosed with non- isolated instances of such severe pathologies.

“Over 15 years of experience doctors of  MEPUs are faced with many serious cases. But every time we meet with difficulties, we believe in one thing “To help my fellow man”, – says the Director of Greek Medical Fund «Hippoctares» – Lazarenko Alexander.

“We want to say thank you for caring, for support that we feel. Thank you, that did not turn away from Ukraine and her inhabitants, and held out hand to those who really need it!” – the team of Donetsk regional charitable organization the Greek medical Fund “Hippocrates”.