Hanna Hopko thanked Pope Francis for helping children from ATO area

People’s Deputy of Ukraine and Head of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee visited Lisova Zastava children’s camp near Kyiv on July 21. During her visit, Hanna Hopko talked to children from near-front towns. She also thanked camp coordinator Iryna Sazonova for her important work and expressed gratitude to Pope Francis for the financial support. “It […]

Caritas-Spes Kharkiv starts a new medical project for IDPs from Donbas

Religious mission Caritas-Spes Kharkiv of Roman Catholic Diocese of Kharkiv-Zaporizhzhia is starting a humanitarian medical project as part of Pope for Ukraine Initiative. Under this project, starting from September 01 and till January 31, 2018, IDPs from Donbas who are living in the city of Kharkiv and Kharkiv Region and require medical treatment or financial […]

Hope (Spodivannia) Charitable Foundation in Zaporizhzhia Inspires HIV-Positive Internally Displaced Persons to Live

Improving life quality for HIV-positive internally displaced persons – such was the objective of Inspiring to Live… Project implemented by Hope (Spodivannia) Charitable Foundation in Zaporizhzhia from April to July 2017. Supported by Pope for Ukraine Initiative, the Foundation offers expensive tests for IDP living with HIV/AIDS and creates comfortable conditions for their stay at […]

“No one was left alone with their misfortune”, Eleos-Ukraine project supported by the Pope has come to an end

Charitable foundation ELEOS-UKRAINE has completed its project – “Support the Most Valuable Things for a Person”. The project, aimed at helping internally displaced persons with their medical needs, was implemented from February to May 2017 in Bilovodsk District of Luhansk Region with the support of Pope for Ukraine Initiative. “The main aim of the project “Support […]

Caritas Spes helps to provide shoes for children from relocated families

For the third month in a row, Caritas-Spes has been providing footwear for children from internally displaced families from the East of Ukraine within the framework of the Pope for Ukraine initiative. As of mid-June, about 1400 pairs of shoes for spring-autumn season have been distributed. Another 400 pairs for children age 2 years to […]

The ‘Pope for Ukraine’ initiative has provided medical institutions for children in Lysychansk with drinkable water

On June 13 Caritas Severodonetsk started implementation of the project ‘Water for the Children of Lysychansk’ within the ‘Pope for Ukraine’ initiative and in cooperation with local military and civil administration. As the project inspirer, father Yuriy Yurchyk, has told, over the recent period the situation with drinkable water has become more serious in Lysychank. […]

Voice of Ukraine: Piatykhatky Residents Receive Humanitarian Aid

Caritas Kryvyi Rih workers delivered humanitarian aid to internally displaced persons who settled in Piatykhatky, Donetsk Region. Head of the Foundation – Father Ivan Talailo, himself lived in Donetsk for two years. He is now living in Kryvyi Rih where he serves as Rector of Ukrainian Greek-Catholic St. Nicholas the Miracle-Worker Cathedral. As part of […]

AB Jurkovič calls for ‘far-sighted’ agreement on migration

The Vatican’s representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Archbishop Ivan Jurkovič addressed a consultation conference on Monday, preparing for the way for an international agreement on migration and human rights. The agreement, known as a ‘global compact’ aims to draw up a list of principles and commitments addressing all aspects of international migration. At […]

Ricostruire i ponti in Ucraina

La carità del papa non si esprime solo a parole, ma anche con gesti concreti di aiuto. Così è per l’Ucraina. Sono gocce nel mare, ma sono piccoli passi che fanno ritornare la pace. La testimonianza del nunzio Gugerotti, ambasciatore del papa nel Donbass. Il nunzio apostolico in Ucraina dal novembre 2015 è monsignor Claudio […]

Vatican to hold conference on Populorum Progressio

The Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development has released a communique about an international conference to reflect on the 1967 encyclical Populorum Progressio. Entitled “Prospects for service to integral human development: fifty years since Populorum Progressio“, the conference takes place on 3-4 April in the Vatican’s Synod Hall. It aims “to study the theological anthropological and […]

Bishop Jan Sobilo tells about distributing Pope’s aid in eastern Ukraine

“For over six months the committee is working in the east of Ukraine,” sayd Bishop Jan Sobilo. “We help the neediest, as Pope Francis requested, especially those affected by the war that is ongoing in eastern Ukraine. First and foremost are products, food, medicine and shelter. We are trying to find apartments and pay for […]

How the Initiative “Pope for Ukraine” distributes 16 million euros

                                  The Initiative “Pope for Ukraine” is running at full speed. Projects have been examined, aid is being distributed and the projects are being implemented now. The Technical Committee of the Initiatives is visiting settlements along the demarcation, attending […]

Christian Rescue Service: “Our mission is to embrace and comfort”

Christian Rescue Service is an ecumenical Christian mission that carries the Gospel values and necessary aid to the hottest spots. Last week Avdiyivka, with 25 000 of residents, including 1 400 children, became such a spot. According to school lists, 1,400 children study in Avdiyivka under constant shelling by pro-Russian militants. In Avdiyivka, as in […]